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We give metal technology of the highest quality a home. We specialise in oil windows, oil level gauges, constent level oilers, lubrication technology as well as ventilation and aeration and are constantly adapting, updating and improving our products. Because: We’ve been working hard for you. For five decades.

About metal technology Dechant

A passion for metal technology

Many hours pass between the idea and the product going into series production. Time that we invest in perfect development so that you can maximise the benefits of using our workpieces. The result is customised products:


years of experience in metal technology

This speaks in favour of Dechant

A supplier as strong and durable as metal

Reliability, experience and the highest quality characterise us as a family-run metal technology company. Our customers value us for the high standards we set ourselves. And we are proud of that.


Flat hierarchies without rigid administrative principles make us a flexible company.

Short ways

Your wish is our command. Our fast decision-making tools help us to do this.

Family business

Small but mighty: we are a close-knit family group that knows what’s important.

High quality

First-class quality. That has always been our claim and will remain so.


Our metal technology products

Oil windows

For all those who want to know exactly, our oil windows provide deep insights into oil flows and fill level indicators.

Breather vents

Our breather components regulate the pressure, equalise it if necessary and keep dirt out.

Constant level oiler

Optimised machine performance thanks to balanced oil leakage: Our constent level oilers precisely maintain the desired oil level.

Oil level gauges

With our oil level gauges, you always have your fluid level in view. The clever design enables all-round visibility.

Lubrication technology

We manufacture top-quality grease cups and spring greaser to minimize wear on your machines.

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Africa, Asia, America. Our customers are scattered around the globe. They all have one thing in common: they value our quality products from Ihrlerstein in Lower Bavaria. And we value our customers. No enquiry is too tedious for us, no idea too far-fetched. We are happy to work with you continuously to find the optimum solution for your production.

“For five decades, we have been working with passion and precision on the perfect metal technology solutions. With success.”

Alois Dechant


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