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Traditional craft, modern realisation

At Metalltechnik Dechant, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern realisation in our workshop to produce top-quality ventilation technology, lubrication technology and oil measurement technology.

The company was founded by Josef Dechant in 1974 and taken over by Alois Dechant in 1978.

With a great deal of expertise and inventiveness, Alois Dechant developed the conventional Stauffer can into an innovative lubricator in 1980 – durable, refillable, without greenhouse gases.

The idea of improving the ventilation values of the gearbox filters and valves and at the same time saving material was realised in 1982 by deep-drawing the body of the filters and valves instead of turning them.

Since 1990, when their son Alwin joined the company, the two have been constantly working on optimising the breather filters and valves, the oil windows, the constent level oilers, the oil level gauges and the lubricators.

Not only does the development of our products continue, our infrastructure was also expanded in 2022 with a photovoltaic system to enable us to operate our production machinery in Lower Bavaria with renewable energy.


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As a supplier of metal technology from Bavaria, we specialise in oil windows, constent level oilers, oil level gauges, baffle bushes, lubricant dispensers and ventilation. We always deliver top quality – and have been doing so for around five decades.


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